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The Plan.

The City of Edmonton has a great opportunity to continue to lead toward a more resilient and sustainable future. Clean air, clean water and productive and clean land (i.e. The Way We Green) are central not only to the quality of life of Edmonton citizens; they provide the bedrock for social and economic success.

Municipal politicians and staff, citizens, community groups and scholars walk together toward this sustainable future by engaging government and our communities. A key aspect of this sustainable future is the concept of environmental rights. Major cities across Canada have passed a declaration regarding their citizens’ right to a healthy environment. Camrose and Jasper have led the way in Alberta. The citizens of #HealthyYEG feel Edmonton will be next.

Who are we?

HealthyYEG is an Edmonton-based organization whose goal is to see the right to a healthy environment (clean air, clean water and safe food) enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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Our Story

Where We Started.


How To Get Involved?

To date, 94,413 Canadians have joined their local movement, resulting in declarations recognizing the right to a healthy environment in 130 municipalities across Canada. Camrose and Jasper have led the way in Alberta. With your support, we believe Edmonton will be next!

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How To Get Involved.


Making A Difference

We are Important.

The concept of an environmental bill of rights is not new in Canada. The Canadian Environmental Bill of Rights passed second reading in the House of Commons in 2010 but died on the order paper when the 2011 federal election was called. Quebec is currently the only province that recognizes the right to a healthy environment in its human rights legislation. Manitoba is working on such legislation. Citizens of Alberta have no legally recognized right to live in a healthy environment. At the municipal level, 130 municipalities across Canada, including Toronto and Vancouver, have signed municipal declarations. We only have two in Alberta: Jasper and Camrose. Edmonton can help build the momentum for protecting our environment while encouraging other levels of government to assume responsibility.



Our Events

Save the date for our next meeting, which will be held at Riverdale House on Thursday, Sept. 29 at 7pm (with coffee or tea and cookies). The #1 bus runs nearby. At this meeting, we will be reviewing our draft strategic plan and asking for your input (please see resources page and bring feedback ...

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Our Events

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Contacting us

Email us at healthy@gmail.com. For media inquiries, call Tonia at 780-964-1000. For further information, call Susan at 780-554-1333. Tweet us @HealthyYeg and visit our Facebook page: Blue Dot Movement – Edmonton.

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See whats happening at the provincial level on Environmental rights

Jason Unger , executive director Environmental Law Centre, has been busy working on Environmental Rights at the provincial level. See what Jason has …

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