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Who Are We.

HealthyYEG is an Edmonton-based organization whose goal is to see the right to a healthy environment (clean air, clean water and safe food) enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Our members are representatives of the Edmonton Blue Dot Movement, the Environmental Law Centre and the University of Alberta Environmental Law Students Association. Our work is based upon the vision of environmental lawyer, David Boyd, and the Blue Dot Campaign. Did you know that 110 nations around the world recognize their citizens’ right to a healthy environment but Canada does not?

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Healthy YEG

The Plan.

The City of Edmonton has a great opportunity to continue to lead toward a more resilient and sustainable future. Clean air, clean water and productive and clean land (i.e. The Way We Green) are central not only to the quality of life of Edmonton citizens; they provide the bedrock for social and economic success.

Municipal politicians and staff, citizens, community groups and scholars walk together toward this sustainable future by engaging government and our communities. A key aspect of this sustainable future is the concept of environmental rights. One hundred thirty cities across Canada, including Toronto and Vancouver, have passed a declaration regarding their citizens’ right to a healthy environment. Camrose and Jasper have led the way in Alberta. The citizens of #HealthyYEG feel that Edmonton will be next.

Edmonton is already leading the way on many fronts, from The Way We Green to the recently approved and funded Edmonton’s Community Energy Transition Strategy (summary of how Edmonton is leading the way). Together we can ensure a clean environment for future generations of Edmontonians.

This is why HealthyYEG has chosen to support the Blue Dot Campaign. We need to show Edmonton City Council that there is a broad base of community support for a municipal declaration recognizing the right of Edmontonians to a healthy environment – see the Camrose declaration included here. Edmonton’s declaration can be tailored to the circumstances of the city and will clearly reflect the ongoing needs of its communities and those of the city itself.

We are reaching out to individuals and community groups, such as community leagues, churches and youth groups and others to build such local support.

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How To Get Involved

We need to show Edmonton City Council that there is a broad base of community support for a municipal declaration recognizing the right of Edmontonians to a healthy environment. You can support us in the following ways:

  1. Individuals can email, call or tweet their city councillors to say that they support a municipal declaration for the City of Edmonton recognizing the right of our citizens to clean air, clean water and safe food. (Sample email to councillor)
  2. If you are a member of a community league, church or other community organization, please ask your group to support our motion, send it to your city councillor(s), cc: Mayor Iveson and scan and return it to us at
  3. Sign the Blue Dot campaign pledge.

After all, we only have one life and one planet, so let’s take action to protect it!